29 Ways to Stay Creative – Comments

I remixed the popular 29 ways post through my eyes.

When I came across the infographic and the video about this topic, it made a lot of sense to me. I even had to flesh out the points, since the sources were not detailed and posted it as a blog post.

Do I use all the 29 ways? Not necessarily.

Here are my personal comments.


Make Lists

I have always done this and I was even made fun of by a friend. I always wrote and wrote, creating lists here and there. This habit really helped me I must say.

Carry a Notebook Everywhere

I am so guilty of this one. I love to carry notes everywhere and surprisingly people have perceived it as childish. The truth is, I know my ideas and my ideas know me.

Try Free Writing

I tried free writing a few times and it worked to get the juices flowing. I also tried free mind mapping.

Get Away from the Computer

Being an info junkie, my PC is a constant source of distraction. This post was largely done on paper.

Quit Beating Yourself

This is just one of my devices. I have beaten myself to a pulp over this blog, but now I know better.

Take Breaks

I once asked a blogger who is famous for being a workaholic, if she ever took breaks. She said she never does. Well, I learnt the hard way. I now take breaks often.

Sing in the Shower

I do this. Lots of lyrics have been spawned from the calming contact of shower water on the skin. I should return to this past time.

Drink Coffee

I am not sure of how exactly coffee affects creativity except that it make you hyperactive and keeps you awake. Who knows how you would benefit from the bitter drink.

Listen to New Music

The truth is, music brings life to my senses. I seem sharper whenever I break from habitual melody. New music is always the perfect elixir for freestyle or an ad-lib.

Be Open

If there is one thing I love so much, it will be the many times I have bounced ideas and opinions off people. I have always been open to rumination and questioning The other man’s idea may be the missing jigsaw puzzle for yours

Surround Yourself with Creative People

The past year has been the most insightful of the last three years. I came across a handful of creative people and communed on a daily basis. This is a sure way to be “out-of-the-box”.

Get Feedback

At this point, I should refer to myself as “Mr. Feedback”. I ask a lot of questions, and I ask for feedback. In giving feedback, people open up in a way different from direct questioning.


Collaboration seems to be the latest buzzword in my head. If I have one goal right now, it would be to collaborate with some “badass” creative people. It’s like a “creativity internship”.

Don’t Give Up

Over the years, giving up has been a frequent exit strategy. If you ever ask me if the end justifies the means, I would say “”the end is important””.

No matter how many times we fall or fail, “Stay on Course”.

I agree that there are times when we may need to let go. If all we do is give up, wouldn’t we have ‘let go’ all our lives?”

Practice, Practice, Practice

It is practically useless trying to start an argument for or against “Practice makes Perfect”.

It is 100% true.

Practice, practice and practice; and perfection is bound to show up.

Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

This is a new lesson I had to learn after dropping perfectionism three years ago.

Mistakes are evidence of trial and learning from them closes the gap between you and success.

The fear of mistakes is the beginning of creativity loss.”

Go Somewhere New

I can identify with this one. My NYSC experience in Zamfara super-charged my creativity without my knowing. I wrote a lot. I penned a journal my camp experience to the letter, I kept a diary and came up with a lot of hacks.

Give it a try, it really works.”

Count Your Blessings

Being grateful and counting our blessing, go hand-in-hand. In the face of obstacles, these little acts can bring a fresh breath to your dampened senses.

Once in a while, go down memory lane, searching for the things that felt good when they lasted, and be grateful for them.”

Get Lots of Rest

A refreshing rest may be all you need to clear that jaded head of yours. #NuffSaid

Take Risks

Has risk taking been my thing? A few times, I guess. Isn’t creativity about thinking outside a box, which could be a safe zone?

Break the Rules

Rules are not for the creative person, to an extent. Out of breaking the rules, lots of creative conquests have been accomplished.

Stay with the rules but break the rules often. Do not be limited by rules; do not be afraid of the rules.

Don’t Force It

Any time I find out that a certain thing is not working after countless repeats, I just chill and come back to it. I move on to something else and come back to it later.

Most times, a new way to hack it comes to me while doing other things. “

Read a Page of the Dictionary

I did this very often in the past, so much that it now haunts me in the form of “obtrusive sprouting of random vocabulary” in my head every now and then.

Words have been a key link to creativity for me. So also, colours, sound, scents and patterns.

A page of the dictionary a day, keeps the block away.

Create a Framework

Apart from saving time, creating a framework for certain repeated tasks, routines and processes saves you some creative juices.

Stop Trying to be Someone Else’s Perfect

I consider this to be the greatest evil to destiny. If the path to creativity is yours then tow it. If it is being skewed to anything other than your innate abilities, turn around and go through other way.

Live for yourself. Don’t benchmark another man’s creativity so much that you lose yours.

Got an Idea? Write it.

At the moment, I have an idea I haven’t written down. Too bad!.

Writing out your ideas is halfway to getting them actualised. After this post, I will proceed to write out that idea.

Clean your Workspace

I got this no-brainer the hard way and often felt strange when I started out. For me, a clear table communicates serenity. A clear and orderly room/office/workspace is bliss.

Have Fun

One thing I know from experience is that, having fun is a game changer. Fun takes off any inhibition or moody hindrance.

If creativity is fun, why take out the fun?

Finish Something

Like I said earlier, “”the end is important””. To finish a thing is victory that will assure victory another day. The dispelled air of uncertainty and impossibility gives way to a feeling of awesomeness.

Don’t forget to reward yourself.”

After all written and read, what do you think?

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