29 Ways to Stay Creative

After these 29, you have no excuse.

The creative process for many feels intangible and transient. Coupled with the fast-paced day-to-day bustle in most cities, the struggle to hold on to our creativity and even control it becomes more impossible.

This piece was crafted from the infographic by Islam Abudaoud and an accompanying short video with the same title.


Make Lists

The greatest aid to creativity is clarity. Making lists will always make sure that your goal is clear and achievable.

Carry a Notebook Everywhere

Isn’t it always strange how your most creative ideas come in unexpected circumstances? Creativity is spontaneous and to keep up, you have to be spontaneous too.

Try Free Writing

Having a block? Then try free writing. Without order or structure, just write away as words come to you. They do not have to make sense. Slowly your block will fade away as momentum kicks in.

Get Away from the Computer

The world has become very noisy. Apart from the jarring decibels in the city, the internet, social media and the incessant pop-up notifications on your desktop can leave you bereft of the serene mind that creativity requires. Staying off your computer will do you a world of good in shutting out.

Quit Beating Yourself

Failure to do what you have planned to do is always bound to happen and regretting can be counterproductive. Just move on, and try again.

Take Breaks

The human system works in cycles. Circadian? You are right. Taking breaks maximises your fluctuating energy levels. Pomodoro? You are absolutely right.

Take breaks and rest. It is necessary. Your creativity will thank you for it.

Sing in the Shower

Inspiration comes in the most obscure places. Many profound ideas have been received in the famous “rest room”. Singing under the shower may be quite helpful not only for your singing. It’s uninhibited nature does something to your mind.

Drink Coffee

Bitter as it is, this beverage has been credited for the technological advancements we have “wowed” at. Coffee boosts brain activity by notches. Who would not like to make do with some extra brain buzz?

Listen to New Music

Is listening to music akin to breaking the habit of older music? You may like your favourite tunes but fresh melody produces some sort of zest. If it’s a cool song, you would be dancing or bopping your head in seconds.

If your motivation is low, try new music.

Be Open

Humans have thrived on ‘being open’; in recent times. Concepts like collaboration, merging and outsourcing all point in this same direction.

Being open to ideas will constantly refresh or evolve the ideas you have. Some other times, it would greatly inspire you.

No man is an island.

Surround Yourself with Creative People

Like attracts like, like begets like. The effect of surrounding yourself with better creative people is immeasurable. If you want to be like them, or continue to be like them; then join them.

Get Feedback

We never know it all, and feedback does no harm. In being open, surrounding yourself with quality people, feedback sharpens your “iron”.


Great feats are accomplished by teams. Working with a team has become a passport to excelling in almost any vocation. Work with a team more often. The mixture that is obtained from this cohabitation will naturally make sure you do not always bear the burden of creativity alone.

Don’t Give Up

It is not necessary to refer to the “5% inspiration, 95% perspiration” truism, at this point. Life always presents us with ample reason to fail. It is up to us to refuse and trudge on.

Do not give up with all the 99 problems in your face. Keep on going; your fine-tuned creativity will be more than a consolation gift.

What is life without its creative tension?

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice can never be overrated. We do not attain mastery after one trial. This is why we are creatures of habit. Live with it, and make the best use of your need to practice.

Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

Creativity is often stifled by limitations, fear and perfectionism. The creative process is born out of constant rework.

Make mistakes and learn from them. Correct your errors and sharpen your creative prowess.

Go Somewhere New

A new place gets your brain working, trying to adapt in the best way. This extracranial activity is a massive creativity booster.

If you are stuck in a block, go somewhere new.

Count Your Blessings

There is enough news on the TV to make us pessimistic. Pessimism kills creativity. Do a flashback to a year ago, five years ago and count your blessings. Actively recall those happy moments, the goofs, the lovely people in your life and many more.

The sudden rush of happiness that comes, however brief would clear out pessimism, negative thinking and gloom; keeping your creativity on track.”

Get Lots of Rest

We know you’re a workaholic, but you really need that rest, Bodybuilders understand the importance of rest and how it ironically allows their muscles to grow.

It is true that you should persist and not give up. If muscles grow during rest, how much more a less physically stretched body (when compared to lifting weights).

To the creative person, rest is golden.

Take Risks

Be ready to be criticized for your work. Be ready to be shown the door, to be rejected.

Taking risks is akin to breaking the norm, which is being creative. The safe zone might be the reason for your rut; jump out of it, and live the life of a true creative.

Break the Rules

The norm, the mundane are the very things creativity is pitted against. Creativity is applauded simply because it is different, unique and breaks the norm.

To stay creative, be wary of another enemy called “Rules”.

Don’t Force It

Creative tension is required but not forcing your way through every time. To force and fail repeatedly with the same formula is to subtly introduce boundaries of impossibility. If it doesn’t work out, try something else. Give it a break. Try out another method rather than forcing it.

Read a Page of the Dictionary

For writers, reading the dictionary often transcends grammatical and vocabulary reinforcements. The fire needed to blaze through a block could begin with just one word.

Create a Framework

Re-inventing the wheel is a modern day cardinal sin. It is an absolute waste of your time.

Always keep templates, prototypes and replicas of your most repeated tasks. A list of ideas, a list of headlines, an email or a document template, reusable code would save you precious time and prevent waste of creativity.

Stop Trying to be Someone Else’s Perfect

If you want to be a failure, then be another man’s perfect. There is no worse misdirection in life than living and acting out a script that is not yours or living another person’s dream.

Find yourself; re-create yourself, live for yourself.

Creativity is in you.

Got an Idea? Write It Down

A note is sharper than the sharpest memory. Write down your ideas as they come. Do not wait for tomorrow.

Ideas beget ideas, and writing them no matter how dumb is bound to pay off in the future.

Clean Your Workspace

For most people clutter is their undoing, except for the few who are in sync with disarray. If you do not belong to this minority or you are not sure of it, clean your workspace and observe for any change.

Clear your mind, clean your workspace, and clear out distractions. Clean and Clear!

Have Fun

What is creativity without fun? Try having fun when everything fails to jack up your creativity.

If creativity was a vehicle, then fun is its oil.

Finish Something

Finishing a project produces an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and confidence. The end has its way of erasing the pains suffered in reaching it. Many times, finishing strong gives more credibility to your creativity and your portfolio.

If you have done it before, you will most certainly do it again.

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