At the Facebook/Global App Testers Testathon

At the Facebook/Global App Testers Testathon: That’s me in the middle, in a stripped shirt. 🙂

Who I am

  • My name is Chibuzor Obilom, also known as “Chaibizi” on the Internet.
  • I work as a Software Tester in the bustling city of Lagos in Nigeria.

What I Do

  • I make sure users have the best experience while using the software developed by the companies I work with.
  • This is more like testing features, confirming that specifications and requirements are met, reporting inconsistencies and software bugs
  • Outside of work, I like to dabble in social media strategy/marketing/management, digital marketing, and building WordPress websites.


  • Software Testing – I scrutinise software for visible and invisible errors.
  • Digital Strategy – I help individuals, businesses and companies prepare and execute a digital strategy that meets their personal and business goals.
  • WordPress Websites – I create simple WordPress websites for people who do not understand technical jargon.
  • Social Media Marketing – I employ various social media marketing tactics to achieve online visibility and commercial targets.


I am currently available for paid projects, collaboration and consulting with publications, churches, NGOs, musicians, SMEs, and public figures.

If you’re curious, here’s what I’m currently focused on.

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