Are your priorities set by intent or outcome?

An alternative view on how we set our priorities.

Priority is often viewed from one perspective which is the ‘perspective of intent’.

Also, priority by intent is the most held perspective about priority.

The Average Joe is not aware that their priorities can be set without their consent. When people talk about priority, what comes to mind is ‘the thing you put on top of a list’.

Priority can also be viewed from the perspective of ‘outcome’. This is the trap that many people fall into. If you do not set your priorities, the outcome of your activities will show as your priorities.

If you don’t set your priorities in life, life will set your priorities for you.

As we grow older there will be lots of things to grapple with. Priorities begin to shift and change. We can wake up one morning and discover that we have prioritised the wrong things for a long time.

The things you spend your time on will become your priorities.

Taking control is the only way to prevent ‘priorities by outcome’.

Take control by blocking out time to check what you spend time on. Make corrections if your review shows that you are not going in the direction of your priorities.

Take control by living your life around the priorities you have set for each season. Don’t lose hold of your priorities. Find a way to avoid being overwhelmed by life.

Image credit: Robert S. Donovan via Flickr

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