Arguments: The Hardest Way to Convince Anybody about Anything

I just came off an argument that deeply infuriated me. It is now clear to me that most arguments are meaningless and an absolute waste of time.

This is because an argument is the hardest way to convince anybody about anything. These days, everyone has an opinion, and this is usually the last thing they hold on to, in order not to lose an argument.

Another reason is that people tie arguments to their egos, and when they feel they have lost an argument, they feel bruised, go defensive and use all manner of antics to give an impression that they have not lost ground.

Once upon a time, I used to love getting into arguments. It was an avenue for me to learn things. In fact, arguments were one of the main ways I learnt about new things.

This is changing.

I am beginning to realise that an adult and their ego are inseparable, and this comes to bear a lot in arguments.

Also to note. Not all argument involved people screaming at the top of their voices. This is another misunderstanding. Sometimes, it is a sane debate between two people who know how to handle themselves in the said situation.

What's your take on this topic?

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