When Christians Remix Secular Songs

Why do Nigerian Christians remix secular songs for release or church performances?

This de ja vu made me happy. It came back after I had lost the opportunity to write about this phenomenon.

I was off church last weekend due to another back mishap. In the same way with which it happened last time, the church close to my house raised up a song.

The song was a remake or rather a remix of Duncan Mighty’s ‘Obianuju’. The Ikwerre man’s song was stripped of all it’s original lyrics.

From ‘Obianuju, biko biko. Na you, na you. Ewo, ewo’ it became, ‘Baba baba, biko, biko. Na you, na you. Ewo, ewo.’

I got upset again.

This time, I had to pen down my angst at this phenomenon.

Last week a colleague at work mentioned that his friend wanted to perform Phyno’s ‘Fada Fada’ in the church. I couldn’t close my mouth. The Korede Bello saga flashed in my head. ‘He said he had done ‘Osinachi’ some months ago’, my colleague said.

When you listen to a song what does it make you want to do?
When you are singing a song in church, what do you hope to achieve?

I will close with those questions. I believe in originality.

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