Going Back to Journaling

Getting back to writing and journaling, my first 'love'.

In the face of increasing loss of touch with the present, precipitated by uncontrolled strolls into the future, the present for me feels more like an out of body experience.

In the coming days, I would be taking part in a life changing event (will elaborate in following posts), one that I am sure would either taint or refresh my perspective about life.

Every day has been increasingly bland in recent times, a situation I have concluded to be ‘apathy’ (a topic for another day).

Something different happened today.

Before today, I had ruminated deeply about the mission I accomplished over the weekend. I went on to write out a fresh list of personal initiatives, decided on a complete detoxification from social media andΒ cut down on myΒ phone apps, which were reduced not long ago.

After re-downloading theΒ Journey app, I glanced through my previous entries and then logged into my Diaro app (another journal/diary app) to read much more older entries.

I felt a wave of nostalgia as past events, good and bad flashed through my eyes. I liked what I saw and decided to continue.

Fortunately for me, I can see word counts, share directly to Twitter and Facebook (no more distracting TLs) and publish to WordPress from myΒ Journey app.

I wrote this in less than an 15 minutes after seeing my old journals, and I wonder why it cannot happen more often.

I sincerely believe that this is not the same old ‘talk’ about ‘doing’ that ends up in the tsunami of working and living in Lagos.

In addition to ‘chiseling glyphs on a digital slate’, I hope to extend this revival to my poetry and rap writing.

I have realised that there would not be enough time to do everything. I would just have to use whatever scraps of time I can squeeze, and forget about being correct or writing viral content.

Enjoying the various aspects of my ‘multipotentiality‘ will bring happiness, and help me create the alternative life completely distinct from what has been labelled as ‘work’.

The recent events in my life have opened my veiled eyes to things like ‘enjoying the moment’, ’embracing the now’, ‘sowing seeds for the future’ and ‘keeping a cache of memories for tomorrow’.


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