Mic Check!

A simple wake up call to return to the purpose of this blog.

It was so easy creating this blog but very difficult doing the first post. How this miracle came to be still eludes me.

Could it be that it is getting more impossible to write in our time?
Noise? People? Engagements? Events? Internet? Gadgets? TV? Movies?
I really do not want to believe that it could be true or false. There is no need to bother this head.
If the reading culture is confirmed dead, then writing is facing judgement or spending eternity.

When Seth Godin posted his 5000th blog post sometime this year, I was amazed. I am still amazed. I now follow his blog by email and I discovered that apart from the discipline of everyday posting, it was not compulsory to do 1000 words.

On Medium, I found out that, writing should be done no matter our level of expertise or skill. Someone is learning from you or is being motivated, somewhere.

So I proceed to write here, in addition to other blogs I maintain.
To me this is a breather, a pallete of brain pickings, an escape from the bustle of the 21st Century, a place of freedom of expression.

Thanks for checking out my blog, let’s ride together.

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