Nigerian Gospel Artistes and Social Media

A few tips for Nigerian gospel artistes on exploiting social media.

Some months ago, I was asked to speak at an event about how social media can help gospel artistes. So I came up with these notes.

Social media refers to websites and applications that enable users create and share content or to participate on social networking.
Social media is a cheaper way to reach your fans. A cheaper alternative to traditional advertising and marketing.

Social Media is not a place to fight or slander people or other artistes.

Social Media offers,

  • An avenue to engage your fans in a personal way.
  • A cheaper alternative to promote your music.
  • A tool to build your fans and engage them on a more regular basis.

The good thing about social media is that you can do it yourself. It is not difficult. You just need to incorporate it into your everyday life.

The most common social media channels are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. In addition, you should be on either ReverbNation, SoundCloud or LastFM depending on what works for you. SnapChat, Periscope and Facebook Live are fast rising as viable outlets for artistes.

Blogging and vlogging regularly help you stay in touch between release, event and tour dates.

You can post to most of your social media channels from you phone using apps like Buffer, EveryPost etc

On social media,

  • Should not be superficial but portray human projections of yourself
  • Show other parts of you apart from music, or your favourite leisure activities like football, fashion.
  • Show behind the scenes. Rehearsals, picnics, outings, your music writing process, handwritten lyrics.
  • Show progress. Your music writing process, handwritten lyrics, meaning of lyrics to some of your songs.
  • Share your music influences.


  • Give your fans an incentive for following you. Free download after liking your page or sharing your content/posts.
  • Ask followers to interpret your lyrics or songs.
  • Ask fans to help title and album or a song, help selects or design an album art.
  • Challenge the usual “new song + dance/singing contest” format
  • Do creative viral campaigns. Titilai by Gaise is an example. These campaigns can be pushed to outlast being affiliated with a music track.


  • Place your songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc
  • Use Patreon, or Gumroad (Paystack will change this soon and you would not have to pay charges to these foreign platforms)
  • Offer paid membership with exclusive offers

Following these few tips will put you on the way to milking social media of all or most of its benefits.

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