October 31, 2015

Nobody cares if you are the first

Bragging rights are a good thing.

Achievements can be used as an evidence of the capabilities an individual or corporate entity claims to have. It does something to your morale. Sometimes it reminds you of a successful past, which can motivate during downtimes.

At the same time, bragging too much becomes a vice. It starts to confer some measure of pride, which is often followed by laxity and loss of the much bragged about their position.

Over bragging is what happens when it is all about.

“We are [insert country/region]’s number one/premier/foremost/first [insert product/service]

The truth is, nobody cares if you are the first after you became the first. In fact, there is a window period when this ‘tagline’ starts to wear off.

Being the first was an event in the past, which is why you keep referring to it. Don’t be fooled by the norm of using the word ‘are’ instead ‘were’ (I wonder why it is not in past tense). Stop bragging, Your bragging rights belong to the past – get over it and move on.

What then should you do instead of bragging?

Focus on your product/service

You should focus on being better at the thing you were the first to achieve. Focus more on the XYZ. It makes no sense revelling in a 5 or 10-year-old achievement,  rubbing it in people’s faces, and have poor customer service or quality.

After your “history making” feat, the next reasonable thing is to improve on whatever you are offering. Make it match the expectations of your tagline bragging.

Make your early adopter happy so that they can be your evangelists, and bring in more referrals.

Make defensive moves to prevent newcomers from copying your product or service by registering patents, killing primary distribution channels, forming exclusive partnerships with core suppliers, etc.

Move on to more ‘firsts’

It is so easy to ‘rest on your oars’ after a big achievement. Instead of staying stagnant, you should look to achieving more ‘firsts’.

Break more records, conquer more uncharted territories. Blue Ocean Strategy. Make it your next target to break your own record. This way your position as ‘the first’ is secured.

People get tired of brands that live in the glories of their past. They may stay for a little longer but they have their eyes on jumping ship, and ditching the loyalty you earned.

It doesn’t matter if you are a big corporation or a small business or a freelancer. Forget about your ‘first and move quickly to your ‘next’.

Nobody cares if you are the first, all we want is a great product or service at a great price and longevity.


Image Credit: Numrush

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