Procrastination isn’t as bad as people say

I am a serial procrastinator. A major confirmation is that I do not put deadlines on my personal tasks and projects.

Somehow it wants to seep into my work domain. Once in a while, I have to wake up after drifting very far away.

Procrastination is bad!

I bought the idea. One day, I overheard a friend say that the great Abraham Lincoln was a procrastinator.

Don’t get me wrong. Missing deadlines is a very bad thing. However, procrastinators do not need to see themselves as the scum of the earth.

In a way, procrastination helps to keep the least important things for the last minute. Coupled with a highly developed sense of timing, procrastination keeps you calm till you are ready to pull the trigger.

No anxiety. No mental clutter.

What will be done tomorrow will be done tomorrow.

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