This Blog Just Got A Redirection

The blog clicked on the Refresh button, itself.


All over this blog is a consistent rap about writing. How I wanted, and almost did stuff. Along the line, I veered off trying to copy guys who sit in niches and churn stuff and are ‘all the way up’.

I finally snapped out of it. No longer will I want to be like these awesome guys.

The funny thing is, in their first two to three years, they just did what a blog is all about. They just blogged, journaled and vented.

This blog is taking a new direction. A direction shaped byΒ Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest mantraΒ – “Document. Don’t Create”. I want to be likeΒ Seth Godin, maybe not as verbose as Gary.

Instead of thinking, pondering, strategising; instead of debating, arguing, complaining, giving free unsolicited unappreciated advice, I will pour out on this blog, so much stuff that cannot be ignored.

No matter how small, short or concise;Β how hastily compiled or impromptu.

It is time to do, and stop looking at other people, that time when “I choose myself”.

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