To my well-wishers…

`A short note to my well-wishers on my birthday (September 3, 2013).

A persistent metronome rang upstairs.
Words coalesced with thoughts, right here.
Tearful mistiness, making my eyes clear.
You are the only ones that I have shared…

…This with
Pleased with.
This big.
Beast thick.

Everything you’ve been choking a brother with.
Speeches can’t describe the width, I’m lost innit.
There’s nothing really bigger than this, I’m sure of it.
No matter how small, its right here like a zit.

My buddies, my buddies, don’t dally be dilly.
Supplications for you all, you can’t imagine.
Soon Billy, Lily will be spilling millions silly.
Cheeks wiggling, we’d be giggling in a jiffy.

Grateful for all of these in epsilons,
Though there be many things we disagree on.
But now we have something to toast upon.
All glory goes to God the Only One

to my well-wishers

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