Being Upbeat is Very Necessary

The power of being positive - being upbeat.

I wish I was told earlier in life that the mind is the main arena for the battle of survival, for humans.

Survival includes and is not limited to success, motivation, progress, happiness, fulfillment, promotion, power, significance, popularity. These and a host of others not listed is the “cheese” everyone is looking for. By “cheese” I am referring to the book – Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.

This “cheese” represents anything humans desire and pursue.

The truth is parents should build the mental strength of their children from a very tender age. This strength supersedes physical strength in the latter stages in life.

As a adult you rarely use physical force to bully your way to getting what you want. It will backfire.

As an adult more tact and diplomacy is required to elicit the cooperation of other adults, display appropriate conduct etc.

Unlike how an athlete trains and reaches a goal physically, many of life’s goals are not achieved physically. Many of them are mental. This is why traits like self-confidence, tenacity and willpower are precursors of success. None of which is physical or tangible.

By default, everything we try to achieve in life originates from the mind. When the reality of “achieving” is strong in the mind, it is a little easier to wade through the feisty waves or bottlenecks.

Where does “being upbeat” come in?

Positive thinking. Wining mentality. Fake it till you make it. An upbeat attitude would most likely be as a result of any of these three.

Being upbeat makes you look like the winner you’d eventually become. It stifles negativity. It confers a “can-do” attitude too. An upbeat outlook means that you’d be the last to give up.

I have practiced being upbeat before, but recently I tried it. On the said day, I forgot my bad-chair-induced back pains. I took on some really challenging tasks without thinking as usual or showing displeasure in my countenance.

I can’t say enough.

You should try being upbeat too.

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