February of the Year Without

The second round of the "Month Without" experiment.

I lost the 300-word draft I was still writing for this post. I consoled myself and wrote this abridged version of what I originally intended to share.

The month of February saw the continuation of my experiments. I had a slightly higher level of success than the previous month.

I stayed off sugar for the longest time this year relapsing only twice. I had finally gotten used to the idea of staying away from the white stuff which was almost impossible before now. Planning ahead and expecting changes in my energy levels during the day helped a lot.

The writing and meditation goals produced dismal results. I wrote 1000+ words ONLY and never meditated.

From my observation, the failure happened because the goals were vague and not specific. The meditation goal did not factor in my daily schedule or state any amount of detail for the goal’s repetition (figures or duration). The writing goal was either too lofty (500 words everyday) or it was founded in the euphoria of the sugar success of last month.

It was a worthwhile attempt. I now see habit building or breaking from another perspective, thanks to Leo Babauta and James Clear.

In the end I did not get a partner.

In future, I would like to go farther like Leo did, and try out Tim Ferris’ experiments too!

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