A poem about love so sweet, now lost, but was once near.



She used to be a few steps away;
only just down the stairway

She always picked when I dialled ‘zero’;
always very quick to be my hero

She was always by the phone;
and always there when it’s time to go home

She was at arms length, always with her arms stretched;
bringing smiles to my face no matter how stressed

She was the face I looked forward to see every morning;
her laughter brought me to life from deep yawnings

She made up like no one I’ve ever met;
with lips softer than the feel of velvet


She is far away from proximity, very far away;
her laughter dims in my head as the days pass away

Her scent has completely disappeared from my trail;
connecting with her comes with multiple fails

Her face becomes blurrier by the day;
the bright light that once shone is now at bay

It seems that once in a blue moon we would only see;
I miss her so much this piece doesn’t describe the least for her how I feel



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