July 9, 2016

In the end it doesn’t even matter

This is the chorus of a Linkin’ Park song.

The end justifies the means. Time heals all wounds.

It happened that a friend’s small dream came through recently. I had worked on several initiatives within the same space in the past without results.

I made a resolution that I’d never get involved. Somehow I got involved. The new project is one I’m facing with caution.

Caution of parading passion. Caution of believing that people will buy the idea or do ask expected.

I realised today, that a good ending will make me forget the arduous present and painful past.

This friend got recognition and it was well deserved.

Maybe I worry too much. Maybe I’m impatient. Maybe I’ve been drawn to people’s success in a way that created urgency.

Maybe. Maybe not.

I feel like getting back all those years of murmur, whining and complaints.

I fell like starting afresh. Like being grateful when there’s no reason to. To be deliberately refuse to give up.

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